Perfect Day, Perfect Dress, Perfect Picture

28th April 2017

At THOW we love to collaborate with other like-minded creatives and artists, and one of our favourites is Russell Whitehead of RWP Wedding Photography.

We first met and worked with Russell on a film project for a mutual musician friend, and from then on became massive fans of his work. So when we had the opportunity to collaborate with Russell on a Spring-inspired photo shoot for our White Label, we jumped at the chance!

When our THOW brides return to see us post-Big Day for a cup of tea, a chat, and to share their wedding albums, we get to know a range of wedding photographers’ work… so we consider ourselves a fair judge on the style and substance of wedding photography. Russell Whitehead hits the top of our list for wedding photographer recommendations.

His style of photography is beautiful and honest. In Russell’s images, he is somehow able to capture all the emotion – it’s one thing for a photographer to point and click, it’s another to document sentiment and feeling within his images.

Russell is also one of the most unobtrusive photographers that we have worked with; he has a very gentle and calm way of working, which is a real benefit on your Big Day. Ten steps ahead, keeping an eye on light and timings, Russell is always in control of what he’s doing, whilst being present in every moment. This is a real skill, that in our experience, only the very best photographers manage.

We were thrilled with the results of our latest collaboration, and we’re looking forward to working with Russell again soon. Not to mention, we are so excited to be able to share the images from the Spring Shoot shortly, and hope you all love them too!


Check out RWP Wedding Photography here, for a photographer who can do justice to your most special of days, and dresses.